Mobilize your Enterprise!

Our software development kit CaptureID provides powerful features for your Auto-ID app and turns any mobile device into a barcode scanner.

Create simple & quick workflows with our Direct Print feature and connect RFID readers to your app.

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Modern businesses need smart solutions

CaptureID lays the foundation for efficient barcode reading apps and is available for various development environments.

This ensures an uncomplicated and reliable implementation of your project.

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High performance with CaptureID

Use our ingenious features to develop a perfect app that suits you and your business.
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No connection required

You don't have to be online to use the basic functions of our SDK.
A connection to your local network is necessary for extensive features.
Your data stays with you at all times!
We do not store or process any information about your app.

Augmented Reality

The layer technology accelerates numerous
workflows with the live view of retrieved
data for the scanned barcode.

Direct Print

An interface to label printers from Intermec,
SATO and Zebra allows you to establish
a direct connection via Bluetooth or WLAN
and issue print jobs.


Use the toolbar to quickly make important and frequently
used functions available.

Multi Scan

Captures up to 20 barcodes simultaneously
and marks each successful decoding
on the display.

Scan Modes

Use the appropriate functions with different modes for every workflow, e.g. Scan by Touch - Tap on a barcode to scan it Code Search - Find a specific barcode among many pick lists - Only capture barcodes that are in the crosshairs/ROI.

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